Tantalum and Ta-Alloys


Atomic Symbol:  Ta

Atomic Number:  73

Melting Point:  5424.8°F/2996.0 °C, Density:  16.65g/cm3

Tantalum is classified as a refractory metal due to its high melting point.  It possesses a low vapor pressure and good electrical and thermal conductivity up to very high temperatures.  The advantages of tantalum are excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature strength, good mach inability and good biocompatibility.

Tantalum is a strong, ductile metal that is nearly immune to chemical attack at room temperatures. It can be drawn into a fine wire that is used to evaporate metals, such as aluminum. Because of its high melting point it is frequently used as a substitute for platinum, which is more expensive. Tantalum can be alloyed with steel to increase steel’s ductility, strength and melting point.

Name of material Chemical composition
(percentage by weight)
Sintered quality S Sintered quality tantalum (TaS) > 99.95
Capacitor quality tantalum (TaK) > 99.95
Grain stabilized tantalum (TaKS) > 99.90
Ta2.5W 2.5 % W
Ta10W 10 % W
Melted quality M Melted quality tantalum > 99.95


              Specific heat capacity of tantalum and niobium


                    Modulus of elasticity of tantalum compared