Industrial and Refractory metal



Titanium & Ti-Alloys High strength Ti bars for petroleum industry and sheets for high strength aerospace application.






Tungsten & W-Alloys
Tungsten & tungsten alloys from 90 – 99.7% have densities 50% more than lead for weights, high temperature components, aircraft balance weights, electronics, and X-Ray radiation shielding.





Tantalum & Ta-Alloys
Tantalum and Ta-Alloy for Heat Exchangers, Heaters, Condensers, vessel liners, Sputtering Targets, High Temperature and aerospace applications.







Molybdenum & Mo-Alloys Pure moly and moly alloys of TZM, and MoLa; and wire, tubes, disks and crucibles.







Zirconium & Zr-Alloys  Zr Metal and Zr/Ti and Zr/Ni fabricated according to ASTM specifications.






Niobium & Nb-Alloys
Sheet and bar stock for heating elements and heatproof screens in high-temperature vacuum furnaces and tantalum crucibles etc.