Molybdenum and Mo-Alloys


Atomic Symbol:  Mo

Atomic Number:  42

Melting Point:  4753°F/2623°C, Density:  10.22g/cm3

Celestial Inter Supply co.,Ltd. is a supplier of molybdenum and Mo-alloys.  We supply only the highest quality refractory metals and alloys at competitive pricing.  All material sold is certifiable and supplied to customer specifications.  Our materials are used across the globe for aeorspace, defense, medical, energy, electronic, industrial and commercial applications.  Partnering with our extensive network of global suppliers, we sell all forms of Molybdenum and Mo-alloys in a wide range of compositions.


Wires for Lighting, Sintered Crucibles and Substrate Holders for MolecularBeam Epitaxy, Boats and Cups for the Annealing Filaments and Electrodes, Semiconductor Base Plates, Pins and Hats for Microwave Magnetrons, Tube Components for Cathode Ray Tubes, Components of Vacuum Furnaces, Nozzles for Manufacturing Glass and Glass Fibers.